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House Call: Caitlin Wilson’s Colourful Home in Portland, Oregon

8 months ago

When I decided to create a blog to document my growing obsession with colourful fashion and interiors, I immediately thought of this incredible space I spotted on SMP Living back in 2014.


Room Envy: Joy Cho’s Candyland Kitchenette

9 months ago

It should come as no surprise that mega blogger turned author turned Target homeware designer Joy Cho would have an absolutely gorgeous studio, but I’m especially smitten with her “grown-up Candyland” kitchenette.

Apartment DIY Recipes

House Call: Amina Mucciolo’s “Cloudland” 2 in Los Angeles, California

9 months ago

You’re gonna want to sit down for this next one, because Amina Mucciolo’s second edition of Cloudland is just as spectacular as its predecessor.


House Call: Amina Mucciolo’s “Cloudland” in Los Angeles, California

9 months ago

When I first spotted Amina Mucciolo’s Los Angeles apartment on DesignSponge a couple years ago, I was still struggling to define my own personal style, and looking to other people for ideas.


Hello and welcome!

9 months ago

My name is Rachel and I’m a Toronto-based content strategist/social media wrangler and aspiring unicorn mermaid princess.