House Call: Amina Mucciolo’s “Cloudland” in Los Angeles, California

When I first spotted Amina Mucciolo’s Los Angeles apartment on DesignSponge a couple years ago, I was still struggling to define my own personal style, and looking to other people for ideas. Amina’s space (which she gloriously dubbed “Cloudland”) instantly spoke to me, with its abundance of colour and whimsical details. It was one of the most joyful, positive and creative spaces I had ever seen. As I poured over the pictures again and again, I knew I wanted to create my own equivalent, but it would take a little while longer for me to essentially experience a style identity crisis and finally embrace my affinity for pastels, rainbows and unicorns. Eventually, I started following Amina on Instagram, where she posts snapshots of her candy coloured outfits, delicious novelty handbags, adorable puppies and incredible apartment. Although she and her husband Salvatore have since moved on to another incredible space (which I will feature shortly), the original Cloudland is still the stuff dreams are made of. Take a look:

(Images by Lauren Comes for DesignSponge)

To see more of the inspiring Amina Mucciolo, visit her websites, or follow her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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    It’s so pretty! I love absolutely everything about her apartment and your website is beautiful!

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    I subscribe to her on You Tube! Have you seen her flower wall? Gorgeous!

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